Buhle Samuels Biography, Age, Child & Best Movies 2024

buhle samuels age

In this article, we’re going to discuss Buhle Samuels biography.

Buhle Samuels, a name that resonates with excellence in the South African entertainment industry, is an actress, singer, dancer, and model known for her captivating beauty and exceptional talent.

With over 1.5 million Instagram followers, Buhle’s journey from her early days in Soweto to becoming a household name in Africa’s entertainment scene is inspiring.

Buhle Samuels Biography 2024

buhle samuels biography

In this comprehensive guide on Buhle Samuels biography, we delve into the life, career, and achievements of this versatile artist who continues to mesmerize audiences both locally and internationally.

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Buhle Samuels WikiPedia

Full Name: Buhle Samuels
Date of Birth: May 25, 1990
Age: 34 years
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Place of Birth: Soweto, South Africa
Nationality: South African
Height: 178 cm
Net Worth: US$1-5 million
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Thando Sonqishe
Children: 1 (Inana)

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Early Life and Education

buhle samuels biography

Born on May 25, 1990, in Soweto, South Africa, Buhle Samuels grew up alongside her sister, Mbali Samuels, in the vibrant town of Pretoria, Gauteng.

Despite their mother’s demanding job as a nurse in Saudi Arabia, Buhle and Mbali maintained a close bond with her through regular phone calls.

Buhle attended a community school in Pretoria before pursuing higher education in Somatology at a renowned South African university.

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Buhle Samuels Biography: Career Beginnings

Buhle’s journey into the limelight began with modelling, where her striking beauty and poise quickly garnered attention.

Her early career saw her transition into television, starting as a host for the morning breakfast show on Africa Magic.

This role showcased her charisma and set the stage for her future endeavours in the entertainment industry.


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Buhle Samuels Biography: Notable Movies

buhle samuels biography

Breakthrough Role in “Muvhango”

In 2014, Buhle’s acting career took a significant leap when she was cast as Matshidiso Mofokeng in the popular South African soap opera “Muvhango.”

Portraying a character so different from her real-life personality was challenging, but Buhle’s talent shone through, earning her widespread acclaim.

She appeared on the show until 2018, becoming a beloved figure among South African TV audiences.

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Expanding Horizons with “IMBEWU: The Seed” and Netflix

buhle samuels biography

Buhle’s acting prowess continued to evolve with her role as Zandile in “IMBEWU: The Seed,” a highly-rated e.tv soap opera.

Her performance further solidified her status as a distinguished actress.

In 2019, she expanded her repertoire by joining the Netflix series “Kings of Jo’burg” cast, showcasing her versatility and appeal on an international platform.

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Recent Works and Musical Journey

In 2024, Buhle starred in the film “All’s Fair In Love,” working alongside prominent Nigerian actors such as Timini Egbuson and Deyemi Okanlawon.

Beyond acting, Buhle has also made significant strides in her music career.

As a singer, she has collaborated with Mafokate’s 999 group/records, enchanting audiences with her soulful voice and proving her multifaceted talent.

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Buhle Samuels Biography: Personal Life

buhle samuels biography

Buhle Samuels’ personal life took a joyous turn when she married Thando Sonqishe in an intimate ceremony in May 2022.

The couple welcomed their first child, Inana, in December 2022, sharing their happiness with Buhle’s followers through a heartfelt Instagram post.

Despite their public personas, Buhle and Thando maintain a low profile, valuing their privacy.

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Social Media Presence

Buhle’s influence extends beyond television and music to social media, where she engages with her followers through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Her posts often include glimpses into her dance classes, fashion choices, and personal milestones, making her a relatable and admired figure among her fans.

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Net Worth and Achievements

Buhle Samuels’ success in the entertainment industry is reflected in her impressive net worth, estimated to be between US$1-5 million.

Her journey from a community school in Pretoria to international recognition is a testament to her dedication, talent, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

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FAQs on Buhle Samuels Biography

Who is Buhle Samuels?

Buhle Samuels is a South African actress, singer, dancer, and model known for her roles in “Muvhango” and “IMBEWU: The Seed.”

She is also recognized for her musical talent and significant social media presence.

What are Buhle Samuels’ notable acting roles?

Buhle is best known for her roles as Matshidiso Mofokeng in “Muvhango” and Zandile in “IMBEWU: The Seed.”

She has also appeared in the Netflix series “Kings of Jo’burg” and the film “All’s Fair In Love.”

When was Buhle Samuels born?

Buhle Samuels was born on May 25, 1990.

Is Buhle Samuels married?

Yes, Buhle Samuels is married to Thando Sonqishe. They tied the knot in May 2022.

Does Buhle Samuels have children?

Yes, Buhle and her husband welcomed their first child, Inana, in December 2022.

What is Buhle Samuels’ net worth?

Buhle Samuels’ net worth is estimated to be between US$1-5 million.

Where can I follow Buhle Samuels on social media?

You can follow Buhle on Instagram (@buhlesamuels), Twitter (@BuhleSamuels_), and Facebook (@BuhleSamuelsPage).

Conclusion of Buhle Samuels Biography

Buhle Samuels’ journey in the entertainment industry is a remarkable story of talent, perseverance, and versatility.

From her early days in Soweto to becoming a celebrated actress and singer, Buhle continues to inspire and captivate audiences across the globe.

Her contributions to television, music, and social media reflect her dynamic personality and unwavering commitment to her craft.

As she continues to evolve and take on new challenges, Buhle Samuels remains a shining star in the South African entertainment landscape.

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