5 Best Real Estate Mentors in Lagos to Learn From

Best Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

This article is about the best real estate mentors in Lagos you can learn the real estate game from this year.

You see! Lagos has a big, busy real estate market with many chances to make money.

But it can be hard for new people or even experienced people to find success without help.

One of the best ways to grow fast is to find a mentor.

A mentor is someone who has already been successful and can teach you what to do.

They can show you how to avoid mistakes, introduce you to important people, and give you advice based on their many years of experience.

In Lagos, there are several very successful real estate professionals who are great mentors.

Learning from them can help you understand the market better, improve your business plans, and achieve your goals faster.

Best Real Estate Mentors in Lagos to Learn From

Here are five top real estate mentors in Lagos to follow this year:

1. Dr. Steven Akintayo

Best Real Estate Mentors in Lagos - Stephen Akintayo

Dr. Steven Akintayo is a prominent figure in the Lagos real estate scene.

With over 15 years of experience, he has established himself as an expert in selling properties both locally and internationally, particularly to diaspora buyers.

Through his company, Gtext Homes, he has developed over 2,000 housing units across Nigeria.

Dr. Akintayo is also the driving force behind the annual Real Estate Conference, which attracts over 5,000 attendees and features renowned speakers like Grant Cardone.

As a mentor, he offers one-on-one coaching programs to help individuals start and grow their real estate businesses.

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2. Sijibomi Ogundele

Best Real Estate Mentors in Lagos - Sujimoto

Sijibomi Ogundele, the CEO of Sujimoto Construction, is another influential mentor in the luxury real estate segment.

Founded in 2013, Sujimoto Construction has grown into a multi-billion naira company, specializing in building high-end apartments, penthouses, and other luxury developments in premium Lagos neighborhoods like Ikoyi and Banana Island.

Ogundele’s company is known for its use of high-quality materials and modern designs, having delivered over 1,000 luxury units so far.

As a mentor, he can teach you how to identify lucrative property locations and create high-end developments that cater to the discerning tastes of wealthy buyers.

3. Nola Adetola

Best Real Estate Mentors in Lagos - Nola Adetola

Nola Adetola, the founder and CEO of Veritasi Homes Limited, brings a wealth of knowledge in real estate marketing, sales, and property management.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has developed over 20 residential estates through his company.

As a mentor, he provides valuable insights into branding, sales strategies, and marketing for realtors.

Adetola is passionate about raising a new generation of successful African real estate entrepreneurs and aims to help 200 individuals achieve their goals by 2025.

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4. Dr. Tony Kolawole Aspire

Best Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

Dr. Tony Kolawole Aspire is the president of the Billionaire Realtors Group (BRG), a successful real estate network with over 50,000 members.

He is also the managing director of Tribitat Homes, a company that has developed commercial and residential properties worth over N10 billion.

Dr. Aspire provides training programs on real estate marketing, building a sales team, and commercial investing.

If you’re interested in building a successful real estate group or network, he is an excellent resource to learn from.

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5. Tade Cash

Tade Cash Biography - Best Real Estate Mentors in Lagos

Tade Cash is a master when it comes to rental income and profitable deal-making.

Starting his real estate journey at the young age of 22, he has built an impressive portfolio of over 1000 rental properties and made his first $1 million at the age of 28.

As the founder of WIP Africa, a leading real estate investment and development firm, Tade Cash teaches his “Rent to Wealth” system for identifying and acquiring cash-flowing rental properties.

He is also highly skilled in negotiating and closing lucrative real estate deals, making him an invaluable mentor for those looking to learn the art of raising capital and securing profitable opportunities.

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FAQs on best real estate mentors in Lagos

How can I connect with these real estate mentors in Lagos?

You can reach out to most of these mentors through their social media platforms or websites.

Many offer coaching programs, events, or the ability to book consultations directly with them.

For example, you can connect with Dr. Steven Akintayo and Nola Adetola on their websites, or find Tade Cash and Dr. Tony Aspire on Instagram and Facebook.

Do I need to be an experienced real estate professional to learn from these mentors?

Not at all! These mentors work with students at various levels, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals looking to take their businesses to new heights.

Their programs and guidance are tailored to your specific goals and experience.

Can these mentors help me even if I’m interested in a niche like luxury properties or rental income?

Absolutely. Each of these mentors specializes in different areas of real estate, from luxury developments (Sijibomi Ogundele) to rental property investing (Tade Cash) and commercial real estate (Dr. Tony Aspire).

No matter your interests, there is a mentor who can provide expert guidance in that particular niche.

Is mentorship affordable, or is it only for wealthy individuals?

While some high-end coaching programs can be expensive, many of these mentors offer various pricing options to make their knowledge accessible to individuals with different budgets.

From online courses to group coaching and one-on-one sessions, there are mentorship opportunities for different levels of investment.

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Conclusion of best real estate mentors in Lagos

In the dynamic and lucrative real estate market of Nigeria, having an experienced mentor can be the key to accelerating your growth and achieving your goals faster.

The five mentors highlighted in this article – Dr. Steven Akintayo, Sijibomi Ogundele, Dr. Tony Kolawole Aspire, Tade Cash, and Nola Adetola – have proven track records of success and a passion for nurturing the next generation of real estate professionals.

By learning from their experiences, strategies, and industry insights, you can gain a competitive edge, avoid costly mistakes, and unlock new opportunities for success.

Whether you’re interested in luxury developments, rental income, commercial investing, or real estate marketing, there is a mentor who can guide you on your journey.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to these mentors through their various platforms and explore the coaching programs or resources they offer.

Investing in mentorship can be a game-changer, providing you with the knowledge, networks, and inspiration you need to thrive in the fast-paced Lagos real estate market.

Your Thoughts?

Do you know any other real estate mentors who should be on this list?

Share your suggestions in the comments below, and we’ll consider them for future updates.

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