Top 5 Best Muslim Schools in Ibadan 2024

Top 5 Best Muslim Schools in Ibadan

In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 best Muslim schools in Ibadan.

Muslim schools play a crucial role in providing education that integrates Islamic teachings with modern knowledge.

In Ibadan, Nigeria, several top-notch Muslim schools stand out for their holistic approach to education.

Top 5 Best Muslim Schools in Ibadan

Let’s explore the top 5 best Muslim schools in Ibadan and what makes them unique.

1. Al-Qalam Schools

Top 5 Best Muslim Schools in Ibadan

Al-Qalam Schools is one of the top 5 best Islamic schools in Ibadan and they offer a comprehensive educational experience for students from nursery to college levels.

Their curriculum is designed to focus on spiritual, mental, and physical development, aligning with Islamic teachings. The school emphasizes a friendly environment conducive to learning and growth.

Activities Offered:

  • Interhouse Sports: Promoting teamwork and healthy decision-making
  • Critical Thinking Games: Enhancing problem-solving skills
  • Extra Curriculum Activities: Developing social skills and teamwork
  • Swimming: Improving water safety and cognitive abilities
  • Arabic Calligraphy: Blending art, language, and handwriting skills
  • Coding: Equipping students with problem-solving abilities
  • Waste Upcycling: Promoting environmental awareness
  • Teacher’s Day Competition: Celebrating teaching profession and leadership skills
  • Handcrafts: Fostering imagination and creativity
  • Sport: Enhancing physical fitness and academic performance

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2. Ikramullah Islamic Academy

Ikramullah Islamic Academy is known for its international perspective and digitized educational approach.

Approved by the Oyo State Ministry of Education, the school offers a stimulating curriculum and a dedicated teaching team focused on holistic development.


  • Digitized Educational Approach
  • International Perspective
  • Stimulating Curriculum
  • Dedicated Teaching Team

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3. IQ Academy, Bodija, Ibadan

Top 5 Best Muslim Schools in Ibadan

Ibn Qayyim Academy (IQ) Academy combines Quran memorization with technological skills, providing students with a well-rounded education.

The school’s curriculum prepares students for Nigerian and foreign universities, emphasizing Quranic studies alongside academic excellence.


  • Quran Memorization
  • Technological Skills Development
  • Nigerian & British Curricula
  • Preparation for University Admissions

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4. Emirate Muslim Schools

Top 5 Best Muslim Schools in Ibadan

Emirate Muslim Schools stand out for their excellent Montessori teaching method and focus on holistic development.

The school’s commitment to quality education and extracurricular activities makes it a top choice for parents seeking a well-rounded education for their children.


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  • Montessori Teaching Method
  • Holistic Development Focus
  • Quality Education
  • Extracurricular Activities

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5. Qiblah Schools

Top 5 Best Muslim Schools in Ibadan

Qiblah Schools are renowned for their leadership-focused curriculum and commitment to Islamic values.

With a track record of academic excellence and recognition, Qiblah Schools prepares students to become future leaders while maintaining strong ties to their faith.

Notable Achievements:

  • Model Islamic School of the Year Award
  • Book Reading Competition Success

FAQS on Top 5 Best Muslim Schools in Ibadan

What age groups do these schools cater to?

These schools cater to a wide range of age groups, typically starting from nursery levels (around 3-4 years old) up to college or secondary school levels (up to 17-18 years old).

Are there scholarships available for students?

Some of these schools may offer scholarships or financial aid programs for deserving students. It’s recommended to directly contact the schools or visit their websites for detailed information about scholarship opportunities.

How do these schools integrate Islamic teachings into their curriculum?

Islamic teachings are integrated into the curriculum through dedicated Islamic studies classes, Quran memorization sessions, Islamic values education, and activities that promote understanding and practice of Islamic principles in daily life.

What extracurricular activities are offered besides academics?

Besides academics, these schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities such as sports (inter-house sports, swimming, martial arts), arts and crafts (Arabic calligraphy, handcrafts), technological skills development (coding), environmental activities (waste upcycling), and leadership development programs (Teacher’s Day Competition, leadership roles for students).

How can parents get more information about admissions and fees?

Parents can get more information about admissions, fees, and other relevant details by visiting the schools’ official websites, contacting the schools directly via phone or email, attending open houses or information sessions organized by the schools, and reaching out to the school administration for personalized assistance.


The top 5 best Muslim schools in Ibadan offer a blend of academic excellence, Islamic values, and holistic development.

Parents looking for quality education rooted in Islamic teachings will find these schools to be excellent choices for their children’s future.

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