Zack Orji’s Shocking Health Scare: From Bathroom Collapse to Two Brain Surgeries!

zack orji

Hold onto your seats, Lanzypipu!

Nollywood legend Zack Orji has just dropped a bombshell about a terrifying health crisis that had him fighting for his life.

In a recent sit-down with Channels Television, Zack spilled the beans on a heart-stopping moment when he collapsed in his bathroom, triggering a medical emergency that led to not one, but two brain surgeries right here in Nigeria!

Can you believe it?

The suave actor we’ve admired on screen for years was just moments away from a tragic outcome.

“I slumped in the bathroom, and I can only say it’s by the grace of God that I’m still here with you all today,” Zack revealed, sending shockwaves across the entertainment industry.

It was a race against time as Zack’s friend, Bala Ahmed, who was miles away in the UK, got wind of the dire situation.

Quick-thinking colleagues, Benedict Johnson and Labista, sprang into action, lifting the ailing star from the second floor to rush him to the National Hospital in Abuja.

His wife wasn’t about to let distance keep her away either.

She jetted from Lagos to Abuja pronto!

Zack’s first surgery was performed on New Year’s Day by the skilled hands of neurosurgeon, Dr. Biodun Ogungbo.

But the rollercoaster didn’t stop there.

A month later, a scan revealed a stubborn blood clot, leading to a second surgery.

The support poured in from all corners, with big names like the President of Nigeria, the First Lady, and even the Vice President’s wife reaching out to offer their prayers and assistance.

“The calls were pouring in from South Africa, the UK, the US… people wanted to know how they could help,” Zack shared, clearly moved by the overwhelming response.


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Through tears and triumphs, Zack’s resilience shines bright.

“I’m grateful to God and everyone who rallied around me,” he declared, his voice filled with gratitude.

This jaw-dropping revelation from Zack Orji is a stark reminder that life can change in an instant.

Let’s keep Zack in our thoughts and prayers as he continues on his road to recovery.

What are your thoughts on Zack Orji’s health scare?

Drop your well wishes and support messages below! Let’s show Zack some love during this challenging time.


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