Michael Dappa Biography, Age, Best Movies 2024

michael dappa biography

Hey Lanzypipu, in this article we will be discussing Michael Dappa biography; his origin, his real age, net worth, family, siblings and many more.

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Michael Dappa Wiki Bio

Full Name: Michael Sodienye Dappa

Birthdate: January 26, 2000

Age: 24 Years (as of 2024)

Birthplace: Opobo, Rivers State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Actor, Model, Influencer

Years Active: 2021–present

Net Worth: $30,000 USD

Parents: Mr. Dappa and Mrs. Thanni Lizbeth Obemisola

Siblings: Dappa Phil, Dappa Charlie Abba

Education: Nigerian Turkish International College, University of Lagos

Instagram: @officialmichaeldappa

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michael dappa biography

Michael Dappa Biography 2024

Michael Sodienye Dappa, popularly known as Michael Dappa, is a rising star in Nollywood.

Born on January 26, 2000, in Rivers State, Nigeria, Michael has captivated audiences with his talent and charisma.

At just 24 years old, he has already made significant strides in the Nigerian film industry.

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Early Life and Education

michael dappa biography

Michael Dappa hails from Opobo, Rivers State, and is of Ibani Ijaw heritage.

He grew up in a supportive family environment, which played a crucial role in nurturing his talents.

Michael completed his primary and secondary education in Rivers State before moving to Abuja.

He later pursued a degree in Theater Arts at the University of Lagos.

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Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

michael dappa biography
michael dappa biography and kenneth nwadike

Michael started his acting career in March 2021, often featuring in Oluchi Adundu’s movies.

His breakthrough role came with the movie Kill Boro in 2024, which earned him critical acclaim and opened doors for more significant opportunities.

He starred in Street Blues and It Blooms In June, further establishing himself as a versatile actor.

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Michael Dappa Biography: Notable Movies

Michael Dappa’s filmography includes a range of genres, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Some of his notable movies include:

michael dappa movies
michael dappa biography - street blues movie
  • Kill Boro (2024)
  • Street Blues (2024)
  • It Blooms In June (2024)
  • Love Can Be Messy (2023)
  • Wife for Christmas (2023)
  • Hidden Love (2024)
  • Careless Proposal
  • Lekki or Nothing (2024)
  • Like a Man
  • The Counsellor

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Michael Dappa’s Personal Life

Michael Dappa is the first son and child of Mr. Dappa and Mrs. Thanni Lizbeth Obemisola.

He has two brothers, Dappa Phil and Dappa Charlie Abba, and a sister.

Despite his rising fame, Michael keeps his personal life private.

He is currently in a relationship, though his girlfriend’s identity remains undisclosed.

Michael is not yet married and has no children.

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Net Worth and Lifestyle

michael dappa biography

As of 2024, Michael Dappa’s net worth is estimated to be around $30,000 (approximately 30 million Naira).

He splits his time between Abuja and Lagos, living a comfortable lifestyle and driving a nice car.

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Social Media Presence

Michael is active on social media, where he shares glimpses of his life and career with his fans.

You can follow him on Instagram at @officialmichaeldappa, where he has 8k+ followers.

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FAQs about Michael Dappa Biography

What is Michael Dappa’s full name?

Michael Dappa’s full name is Michael Sodienye Dappa.

How old is Michael Dappa?

Michael Dappa was born on January 26, 2000. He’s currently 24 years as at 2024.

Which state is Michael Dappa from?

Michael Dappa is from Opobo, Rivers State, Nigeria.

What are some notable movies Michael Dappa has acted in?

Michael Dappa has acted in several notable movies, including Kill Boro, Street Blues, and It Blooms In June.

Is Michael Dappa married?

No, Michael Dappa is not married yet.

Does Michael Dappa have children?

No, Michael Dappa does not have any children.

What is Michael Dappa’s net worth?

Michael Dappa’s net worth is estimated to be around $30,000 USD.

How tall is Michael Dappa?

Michael Dappa stands at about 6’3″ tall.

Who are Michael Dappa’s parents?

Michael Dappa’s parents are Mr. Dappa and Mrs. Thanni Lizbeth Obemisola.

Does Michael Dappa have any siblings?

Yes, Michael Dappa has two brothers, Dappa Phil and Dappa Charlie Abba, and a sister.

What is Michael Dappa’s educational background?

Michael Dappa studied at Nigerian Turkish International College and later attended the University of Lagos.

What tribe does Michael Dappa belong to?

Michael Dappa belongs to the Ibani Ijaw tribe from Opobo, Rivers State.

What religion does Michael Dappa practice?

Michael Dappa is a Christian.

What is Michael Dappa’s social media handle?

Michael Dappa’s Instagram handle is @officialmichaeldappa.


Michael Dappa’s journey from a budding actor in Rivers State to a celebrated star in Nollywood is truly inspirational.

His dedication to his craft, coupled with his natural talent, has propelled him to great heights.

As he continues to take on challenging roles and captivate audiences, Michael Dappa’s star will continue to shine brightly in the years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on Michael Dappa’s career and upcoming projects.

His story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence.

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